“Ship It” is a new reality web series where several single-and-looking contestants are interviewed, and the audience serves as the matchmakers.

The episodes will consist of brief interviews with each contestant that serves as a dating profile for viewers to watch and compare. Over the course of the show, viewers will “ship” or choose who they think would be best for one another. The winners will then come in for one final episode where they get to meet in person and get to know one another. Following their meeting, each finalist will get to decide if this is someone they want to see again.

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COOKING BAD is a unique cooking competition show with atypical contestants. Get to know two terrible "cooks" as they face off to attempt to replicate a restaurant-quality dish with no recipe and no help. Just the ingredients (with a few false ones to stir things up) and their total lack of cooking knowledge.

Watch as the pandemonium ensues!

Each episode features a unique challenge called a GAMECHANGER where the winner can introduce a SPOILER to sabotage their opponent or take a SPICE-LINE to spice up their own chances.

Every episode concludes with judges, Chef Alanna Fleischer and Chef Brian Cheng from The Edible Story, and our COOKING BAD host, Vicki Kim, who taste each dish. Whoever makes the best dish, or most edible, wins. The winner goes on the COOKING BAD wall of fame, and the loser? Well, they just have to eat their own dish

Higher Education is a Youtube series aimed to educate viewers on everyday topics that we should be more informed about. An expert will explain a concept in a rudimentary format that a student under the influence of cannabis with no prior knowledge of the topic can understand. Simple animations act as visual aids to support teachers as they share their expertise.


Crash Course - Coming Soon.

Artists React - Coming Soon.



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